We can assist you with any questions relating to real estate law, such as questions about:

  • Construction operations, including questions about :

  • The different stages of construction, such as the acceptance of works.
  • Public or private work contracts, concerning new works or rehabilitation
  • Various construction contracts, such as a pre-sale prior to completion of construction or individual home construction contracts
  • Construction insurance, including property damage insurance or decennial liability insurance (Access the “Construction insurance” articles and the definitions of “property damage insurance” and “decennial liability insurance”)
  • Construction workers: firms, project managers, supervising office and others
  • The liabilities of those involved in construction, and in particular those arising from articles 1792 et seq. of the Civil Code.
  • Real estate property and its components (for example the right of usufruct or the right of enjoyment)
  • The legal constraints related to the life of a building: the sale, rental, construction or demolition of a building, or the diagnosis required during a sale.

  • The lease of a property, meaning the conclusion of the lease, the management of relations with tenants or owners and the end of the lease.

  • The condominium

  • Joint ownership

  • Urban planning documents

  • Land registration, i.e. advertising related to real estate transactions

  • Real estate companie

  • Neighborhood issues, including neighborhood annoyances

  • Environmental aspects of construction, including on-site waste management, building acoustics, air quality, and sanitary characteristics of materials used (including asbestos regulations)

In any real estate case, we can advise you and assist you in preventing possible litigation or finding a solution when litigation has already occurred.