We handle all matters relating to the insurance contract, including those relating to :

  • Compulsory insurance, such as car insurance, construction insurance (and in particular, property damage insurance and decennial liability insurance – Access the “Insurance in construction law” article and the “Property damage insurance” article) or liability insurance for certain professions

  • Questions about liabilities and insurance coverage of these liabilities

  • Insurance intermediaries, general agents and brokers

  • The insurance contract subscription, the documents drawn up on this occasion and the declarations made to the insurer

  • Payment of premiums

  • Claims, including their attestation and settlemen

  • The transfer of the insurance contract

  • The end of the insurance contrac

  • Litigation against an insured person or an insurer

  • Issues related to the statute of limitations, it being specified that there is a 2-year statute of limitations in insurance law, subject to specific rules

  • Damage insurance (liability insurance and property insurance)

  • Life insurance

This list is not exhaustive.