We are at your disposal to provide advice, a consultation on a question of law, or to assist you in any process that requires legal proceedings.

According to Article 11 of the National Internal Regulations of the profession of lawyer, lawyer remuneration is fixed according to the following factors:

  • The time spent on the case,
  • The research necessary,
  • The nature and difficulty of the case,
  • The importance of the interests involved,
  • The impact of the firm’s fees and expenses,
  • The reputation of the lawyers, their titles, their seniority, their experience and their specialization,
  • The assets and results obtained for the benefit of the client through the work of the lawyer, as well as the service rendered to them as a result of the work of the lawyer.
  • The client’s income.

Fees may be set at a flat-rate or variable amount, depending on the result obtained for the benefit of the client.

Before any action is taken, we will agree on the amount of our fees and the way they are set.